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Customer support

You may contact us in any of the following ways:


Phone: 202.223.1292 (during our operating hours of 11am-6pm EST)


Email: [email protected] (please allow up to 48 hours for a reply)


IG: @prophotodc (please allow up to 48 hours for a reply)


1 Repairs
1.1 Do you provide same day repair?

There are a few services such as filter removals and rush sensor cleanings that can be done same-day.  Please check with us to see if your repair qualifies.  Some same-day services require a rush charge.

1.2 How many technicians do you have?

Our in-house technicians are the only two in the DMV and handle a majority of our repairs.  We do however outsource a few repairs to the factory and another Virginia-based technician that is extremely qualified.

1.3 Do I have to pay for a repair diagnosis?

There is a $25 bench fee applied to incoming repairs. The bench fee is applied to your repair upon approval.

1.4 Why would my camera need to go to the factory?

There are many different reasons equipment might need to be shipped out for factory service. Some reasons being availability of parts, some technical error messages that cannot be resolved in-house, or replacement. Our in house technician has seen and worked on many cameras but in some cases the factory is the best solution. 

All shipment costs required to go to the factory will be added to the final bill. We will reach out to customers as we receive updates from the factory. 

1.5 Can I get a repair quote over the phone?

No, in order to get an accurate diagnosis of the problem the technician must take a look at the equipment in person. We will then send you a quote once the technician evaluates it.

2 Film Processing
2.1 When is film shipped to the lab?

We ship out our film once a week every Tuesday afternoon. We suggest customers drop off film before 3pm on Tuesdays to make that weeks shipment. 

2.2 Can I just get my film developed only?

Yes, you can request your film to be developed only. 

2.3 Are there films that can't be developed?

Our regular lab doesn't work with Kodachrome, Super 8, or any video film reels.

We are able to digitize video and audio reels and cassettes through another smaller lab. This process will take longer and pricing will come once the technician receives and quotes the project at hand. 

2.4 How long does film take to get developed?

Film takes about a week to get developed. If you asked for emailed scans, those can be expected but not guaranteed at the end of the week they were shipped out. If you have not received your scanned images, please await the confirmation email of the return of your film and we can resend them.

2.5 What if I didn't receive my scans?

Check your junk mail for an address with "crc" in the email. Your scans do not come from a Pro Photo email address. Your files will either come as a Dropbox or WeTransfer. If you still cannot find an email with your scans please call in and we can resend your scans once they return and you receive a confirmation email that they are ready to pick up. 

2.6 Will I get my film back?

Yes, all film comes back to our store and stays in our store for 90 days. All film still here after the 90 days will be recycled. You will be emailed upon return of your film and once again before we discard it.

3 Sell and Trade Used Equipment
3.1 What is the process to sell my used equipment?

Please feel free to bring in your equipment for evaluation for either trade or sale.  We will provide you with an itemization of the equipment you provide us.  It then enters the queue to be evaluated and priced for market value.  When this is completed we will provide you a trade-in quote and settle accordingly.  There are various options for compensation.  The most cost effective is the trade-in option which provides the most value for your equipment.  Other payment options are Check, PayPal, Direct Deposit.

3.2 How is my equipment priced?

We look at current market value to get a competitive price for equipment. We also inspect all equipment for condition and use that evaluation to price it accordingly.  

3.3 Can I get same day pricing?

No, we need time to research and evaluate the equipment brought in for appropriate pricing.

3.4 I lost or had equipment stolen from me recently, can you check to if it was sold to you?

Yes, we take in customer information before making a sale and annotate all equipment serial numbers to keep track of items.

3.5 Do you buy all equipment that comes to you?

No, we buy equipment that will have potential resale value. Cameras that are excessively dirty, damaged, scratched up, missing parts, or out of service will most likely not be bought. Please take this into consideration before bringing in things for pricing. We also take in equipment for parts if you would like to recycle equipment with us.

4 Sales
4.1 How long will it take to ship my order?

Orders placed up to 2pm will generally ship out the same day but please keep and eye on the confirmation email as pick-up times can vary by courier and general road and weather conditions.  If you have any special requests or conditions, the best way to reach us is by telephone for the quickest service.

4.2 How can I verify something is available in stock?

Generally our inventory is accurate but there are times when a highly demanded items might reflect being in stock while actively being purchased so never hesitate to confirm by phone or email before placing an order. If it is not available you can request to be contacted as soon as it comes back in stock.