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Tripods & Accessories


We provide several repair services for tripods and its accessories. Repairs for tripods can range from loosening plates to fixing jammed legs. In some cases we can help facilitate part replacements and cosmetic damage repairs. If there are questions on whether your specific tripod or problem can be serviced please feel free to contact us (especially larger/heavier tripods). Pricing on tripod repairs is not set due to the wide variety of repairs types and the many sizes, brands, and materials they are produced in. Please bring in equipment for accurate pricing.

There is an automatic $25 fee for the initial diagnostic of all equipment even if quote is refused. This will be applied to your quote.



If you wish to ship your equipment to our store front at 2000 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Washington, DC 20006 for repair, please fill out form below if you plan to ship your equipment to us:

Request Form

Ship the completed form with your equipment. We will reach out to you by email or phone when we receive your equipment. 


For tripod and accessory repair inquiries please email us at [email protected]