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Digitizing and Printing

In House Printing (x1):   In House Scanning (x1):  
4x6   $1.95  35mm Negative/Slide  $3.00
5x7     $4.55 35mm Negative/Slide (High Res)  $5.00
8x10       $13.65 120mm Negative/Slide  $5.00
8x12      $16.50 4x5 Negative/Slide  $15.00
11x14    $21.50 4x6 Print    $5.00
12x18     $23.50 5x7 Print    $7.00
13x19  $27.50 8x10 Slide/Negative  $30.00
16x20   $34.50 8x10 Print  $10.00
20x30 $45.00 11x14 Print      $25.00


Custom sizing is available for printing and scanning(lockets, panoramas, non-standard sized/shaped frames, etc.) Please bring in materials for pricing.

For orders with a large quantity or unique requests please call in before sending or bringing in material to make sure we are able to do your project. 

Scans can be printed, sent by email, or added onto a supplied flash drive, CD, hard drive. 

Standard printing and scanning jobs, depending on the size, take around a week or less to complete.