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Pro Photo Hosts Wet Plate Workshops with Mac Cosgrove-Davies

Pro Photo Hosts Wet Plate Workshops with Mac Cosgrove-Davies

Accomplished Photographer and Historical Photographic Process expert, Mac Cosgrove-Davies, offers up his knowledge to the local photo community. 



Pro Photo periodically hosts demonstrations of the wet plate process. Mac uses one of his customized large format camera systems, tin or aluminum plates, a combination of chemistry and a handy portable darkroom all while transporting us to a time where photography was a grueling and rigorous process. 



This "quick" process is on full display as you enjoy a history lesson and experience the culmination of a photograph as it was experienced in the mid 1800's. Large format bellows cameras, containers of chemicals, a portable darkroom and all the accouterments makes up what is now a bunch of electronics condensed into a few cubic inches in the palm of your hand. It is all on display in its tangible and organic origins as you learn about the tintype process and how the moments all gather to create beautiful images.




Photo Credits: Sally Baghdassarian

Photo of Sally Credit: Cameron Davidson


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